In order to reduce the cost of Georgian wines for the Ukrainian consumer, on July 4, 2017, a license agreement was signed between the holding company "Georgian Alco Group", Georgia and PJSC "Yuzhnaya Vinokurnya", Ukraine, for bottling Georgian wines TM Vaziani at the production base of PJSC "Yuzhnaya Vinokurnya" ". The wine will be bottled exclusively from Georgian wine, produced by AKURA LLC, according to technological instructions and under the supervision and control of winemakers' technologists of the Georgian Alco Group Holding.

Wine Saperavi, winery "Georgian Alco Group" won a silver medal at the international tasting competition for wines and spirits "Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2014", which took place from 2 to 4 May in Brussels. The Saperavi Acura sample was ranked second among 8,060 other samples from 41 producing countries.
"We are proud of such a significant victory at the most prestigious world competition. The creation of a wine - a silver medalist is a collective merit of our team of winemakers. Everyone did their best in their area of work. It is impossible to work with wine with a cold head, it absorbs emotions even faster than water, therefore, does not tolerate aggression. It must be treated with the proper level of professionalism, but also with an open mind, then the product will be of the highest quality. I think we have succeeded with Saperavi.

                                                                                                Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

The first alcoholic "world championship" was held in 1994. Then, in just two months, 869 brands from 29 countries were collected at a tasting in Bruges. Then the competition quickly gained momentum, attracting by the fact that since 2006 it began to be held in an outdoor format. So, Concours Mondial has already been hosted by Lisbon, Valencia, Sicily, Bordeaux, Luxembourg, Guimaraes, Bratislava. The competition has earned a reputation as the most professional. Producers of wine and spirits from four continents listen to the assessment of its experts. The number of imported drinks exceeds 6,000.

I                        n 2018, the largest retail chains of Ukraine became partners of Georgian Alco Group LLC in Ukraine :